Linux vs Microsoft windows web hosting does it help make a big difference

Finding a new suitable webhosting OS(operating system) is one of the most necessary decisions that web publishers, web developers and internet marketers need to have to make. Basically, there are just two large choices although the existence of various operating-system that a hosting company can utilize. There are Linux and Windows. Both these main Operating system platforms have their advantages and none profits so choosing one more than the other is just a matter of personal preference.

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Linux is the first operating-system to be released. It is an open source kind of server platform which means it’s source code is freely available to all people. It’s use as an os for your home and office desktop computers has also elevated in many the years.

Microsoft windows, on the other hand, is fast catching up as a favored server platform. Reports as of March 2009 show that windows had taken about 91 percent of the market share in terms of usage as client operating-system. Since its opening, it has had several versions of its server OS with the latest being Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2.

Web hosting. On the part of hosting corporations, applying a Microst Windows Server platform can secure you into always having to web hostingLinux vs Microsoft windows hosting does it help make a big difference on Windows. Using Linux, however, a website built on this os will still be made portable to a Windows based host

Security. In terms of security, both OS can be very well protected as long as the administrator knows his work good and keeps abreast of the latest updates. Microsoft windows servers, however, need a restart of the server every time protection updates are finished. The disadvantage of restarting a server windows is the down time. It is also worth noting that there’ll be protection risks in the event the server is not re-booted after an update.